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Doc Whitaker
Artist | Film & Animation
United Kingdom
Hello there person! Welcome to my page. Full of bits and stuff as well as other bits and stuff.

Animation is my main thing, but I also partake in some good ol' sketching/painting of the digital kind when the urge takes me.

I'm based in Berlin for the moment. We'll see how long that lasts...


Swanky Lad
I wanted to do a goofy, tiny animation while I was wasting away on a promo stand at London Bridge station last year. Finally came back to finish it after about 3 months, for completion's sake.

On a side note the chalkboard aesthetic is such a brilliantly lazy cop-out. Linework looks like garbage? It's chalk, that's why. Definitely an artistic choice and not uninspired laziness...

Made using Krita!
My Portfolio Site: PSYSkip

After many months of eating frozen pizza and resisting the existential dread inherent to modern life, it is time to officially present:

I started making this around June stemming from the desire to have a portfolio/blog site that was entirely my own. Almost half a year later and yes, I have that... more or less. There is still an ongoing list of things that need implementing and broken code that needs fixing, but it can wait for now. A website needs content after all, so it's time to get back into the animation game...

Oh, and if you have the time then have a look at the site on desktop and mobile and tell me what you think (the site adapts to differently sized devices). How it looks, how intuitive it is to use, if there's any errors; all feedback is much appreciated!

Animation Exercise: 2.2 - Flappyface
#12: Character jumping over a gap. 

Meet Flappyface. Before I made this I tried to do a walk cycle with some really radical perspective. That ended up being a bit much for me so I took out my frustration on this poor fellow. I think adding all that colour and shading more than doubled the time spent on this one, but I needed a more complete animation for my showreel so here it is. Thinking of taking a break from the exercises as they've seemed to have put me in a good direction. I'd like to try something with some dialogue or sound or maybe try experimenting with some other methods of animation. We shall see...

(edit: looking at it now, probably should reframe the 3rd shot. Way too wide)

<- Previous Animation || Next Animation ->

After realizing just how inept I am at animating anything other than an ambiguous, amorphous blobs, I decided to go on a bit of an animation pilgrimage. I'm going to be plowing through a list of 51 animation exercises (found at the very excellent to try and get myself going. I've found it's easier to just follow a list than it is to try and think up little tasks for myself. I'll also be timing how long it takes for me to complete the exercise. I theorize that this will encourage me to stop being a lazy twit and letting myself get distracted by stuff. The list is as follows...
Level 1 Exercises
  1. Ball Bouncing in place, no decay (loop)
  2. Ball Bouncing across the screen
  3. Brick falling from a shelf onto the ground
  4. Simple character head turn
  5. Character head turn with anticipation
  6. Character blinking
  7. Character thinking [tougher than it sounds!]
  8. Flour Sack waving (loop)
  9. Flour Sack jumping
  10. Flour Sack falling (loop or hitting the ground)
  11. Flour Sack kicking a ball
Level 2 Exercises
  1. Change in Character emotion (happy to sad, sad to angry, etc.)
  2. Character jumping over a gap
  3. Standing up (from a chair)
  4. Walk cycle [oldie but goodie!]
  5. Character on a pogo stick (loop)
  6. Laughing
  7. Sneezing
  8. Reaching for an object on a shelf overhead
  9. Quick motion smear/blur
  10. Taking a deep breath [also tougher than it sounds!]
  11. A tree falling
  12. Character being hit by something simple (ball, brick, book)
  13. Run Cycle
Level 3 Exercises
  1. Close up of open hand closing into fist
  2. Close up of hand picking up a small object
  3. Character lifting a heavy object (with purpose!)
  4. Overlapping action (puffy hair, floppy ears, tail)
  5. Character painting
  6. Hammering a nail
  7. Stirring a soup pot and tasting from a spoon
  8. Character blowing up a balloon
  9. Character juggling (loop)
  10. Scared character peering around a corner
  11. Starting to say something but unsure of how
  12. Zipping up a jacket
  13. Licking and sealing an envelope
  14. Standing up (from the ground)
  15. Pressing an elevator button and waiting for it
Level 4 Exercises
  1. Character eating a cupcake
  2. Object falling into a body of water
  3. Two characters playing tug-of-war
  4. Character dealing a deck of cards out
  5. The full process of brushing one’s teeth
  6. A single piece of paper dropping through the air
  7. Run across screen with change in direction
  8. Sleeping character startled by alarm then returning to sleepy state
  9. Opening a cupboard and removing something inside
  10. Putting on a pair of pants
  11. Opening the “world’s best gift” and reacting
  12. Any of the above exercises using a very heavy character/object next to a very light character/object. Enhance the differences the weight change makes
Made using Krita 3.0
Flappy Face sketches 3
The last little character sketch thing I did to nail down everything that makes flappy face so appealing. His thousand yard stare. Those baggy, sumptuous chin lines. That saggy sock tail that is probably filled with soggy newspaper clippings. HE'S GOT IT ALL!!
Flappy Face sketches 2
Some more of that sweet milky goodness. Mr. Face being all flappy. Jake the Dog is also there, albeit looking a bit more fucked up than usual. Never let not remembering what a character looks like stop you from drawing them.


No journal entries yet.


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